Hardware & Software Installations & troubleshooting
Having a problem with your computer? We can perform a diagnosis on your computer to determine the problem and make sure it is up, and running in no time. We determine if the problem is a hardware issue or a software issue, so there is no need to worry about the type of problem you have. You can leave that to us. 

New System Setup
Most of the time, when you buy a computer from a supplier, you do not have  all the software to get our system going. For example  : office applications ,photo imaging applications, educational software,  etc. We obtain Legal software for you and install it. We can also instruct you on the best way of getting the most out of these applications. 

Software Installation and Configuration
If you are not feeling confident on installing particular software, or suspect the configuration is not correct, we can correct it for you. 

Anti –virus Protection Set-up and Support
Computer infections are growing increasingly with the popularity of internet. Installing an Anti -virus program will secure your PC so that you suffer less downtime, and avoid losing important documents.

Network design and Support
We can advice in network design, wireless LAN, router, cabling, and network troubleshooting.  We  will also be able to design and install network to suit your needs. Just let us know the specification of your requirement or discuss with us what you want your network to do for you. Regular maintenance plan for business and home users.  For more information, email :  rmkinfo77@gmail.com

Free Computer Consulting
We can advice on buying a computer/ Laptop to suit whatever your budget and needs are. We also assemble computers  to fit exactly to your needs.

On-Site Component Upgrade
We obtain components from the best dealers in Mumbai, thus be getting you the best possible deal. Then we quickly install them as per your needs. 
System cleanups and tune-ups 
Having too many crashes on your computer? Then your computer probably needs a cleanup. We can efficiently   perform   cleanup on your computer, and to ensure that no data is lost we also back up the data for you. If your computer is going too slow we can perform a series of System tune-ups to make sure that your computer is rid of legacy software components, so to get the most of your computer’s needs. 

Internet Service Provider (ISP) ,Email Configuration & Set-up
An important use of PC is the ability to go to internet. Rmk Infotech can advice you on the numerous packages available, and when the decision is made, install and configure everything for you. We also install software firewall on customers request to protect your computer against attacks via internet. 

Spyware Detection and Removal
Spyware are malicious programs that are installed onto your computer by a third party either by visiting suspicious websites or programs installed onto your computer. Spyware can log everything that you have typed onto your computer including bank details and security passwords. They can be a source of constant pop-ups. They can also cause the system to be unstable. We can remove these spyware and install preventive measures in place to avoid further spywares from getting into your computer. 

Data Recovery
We offer a highly reliable data recovery service at a very competitive price. Our chance of data recovery is 98%. 
We are highly experienced in dealing with any loss of data. We will be able to give more details during the call out.

CCTV Installation, Maintenance and Support
We provide entire solutions on CCTC installations as well as maintenance with service contract & Repairs.

Annual Maintenance Contract
We do take Annual Maintenance Contracts for your Home and office PC /Computers, Printers, Multifunction, Scanners, Laptops.

is an  affordable and reliable Computer and Laptop Sales and Service Provider in Entire Mumbai (Central and Western) | New- Mumbai | Nariman Point to  Virar and CST to Kalyan, with work experience  since 2001

We support individuals ,Small / Medium / Corporate Companies for all  types of computer needs. Our clients are mainly based in Mumbai and Thane.

Whether you need an entire computer or computer spare parts we are the smart choice. When you select us, we ensure that the software selected by you correspond with the built-to-order hardware that runs your system efficiently. We have well qualified personnel   who can fully install and support complete systems so that they perform as desired by you.

Rmk Infotech services includes computer consulting, computer sales , computer networking, computer  repair, Computer upgrade, laptop sales, laptop service,  network design and support, on -site component upgrade , system clean ups and tune ups, trouble shooting ,new system setup , software configuration, anti-virus  protection ,spy ware detection,  data recovery . Our services will expand depending on customer’s needs.

Please feel free to contact us on 9820 567 333 or send us an email on rmkinfo77@gmail.com  for further Clarifications on this or simply for ONLINE SUPPORT.


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